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Bentenya x Route 66

Route 66 Centennial - U.S.-Japan Cultural Project

U.S. – Japan Cultural Film Project

BENTENYA x Route 66

An adventurous road movie featuring Japanese Chin-don Girls, BENTENYA, from Aichi, Japan, will meet people, introduce Japanese culture, and perform both Japanese and American music as a new way of nurturing 150 years of Chin-don culture while on the historic Route 66 (2,448 miles) in the United States. This is the first project of the Route 66 series towards the centennial in 2026!



Japanese Chindon Girls, BENTENYA, from Aichi, will meet people, introduce Japanese culture, and perform both music while on the Route 66.

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"Bentenya x Route 66" is a Japan-U.S. cultural exchange project for Route 66 which will celebrate its centennial in 2026. We are embarking on a film production as the first step to sow the seeds of Japanese culture and lay the foundation for a Japan-U.S. exchange. This is meant to be a road movie that tells the story of our interactions with people, as well as a documentary that captures the history of Route 66 on film. Once completed, the film will become available for viewing at film festivals, screenings, theatrical screenings, and online.


Bentenya is chindonya, a unique Japanese street performance with 150 years of history. They are professional agents who play music in gorgeous costumes and promote various businesses, events, and cultures while entertaining people on the streets. The purpose of the project is to create a new era and sustainable activity with locals for the Centennial—a huge milestone—by following the same great path established by our predecessors under the pioneering spirit in the U.S.


Interactions are born wherever Bentenya visits, and people who visit Route 66 from all over the world will bring those connections to the next city and/or back to their home country, making them blossom even more. Bentenya will also carry the legacy of Route 66 to Japan and create a new road. Route 66 will never end, and each and every one of us will find a new goal and create a path to the future that stretches forever.


We hope to meet and work with any of you who can support this project. Together, we will create a new era. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

Hiroshi Kono

Bentenya x Route 66 Film Production Committee

Please support us for production!

Funds will be used for film production and promotions for this Bentenya x Route 66 Centennial project.

Please note that our partner, CATCH US PERFORMING ARTS (CUPA),

will issue tax-deductible receipts for donations as per your request.

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